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2017 Speakers:

Ellen Lau and Casey Lew-Williams

EL Ellen Lau, University of Maryland,  Department of Linguistics

Dr. Lau is an assistant professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Maryland and Co-Director of the KIT-Maryland MEG Lab. She also serves on the faculty of the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program and the Maryland Language Science Center. Her research aims to link what we know about language to what we know about the brain, with the goal of developing better models of language processing, representation, and the underlying neural implementation. She uses a wide range of techniques towards this end, including ERPs, MEG, and fMRI. She is broadly interested in lexical/conceptual access and semantic/syntactic/discourse structure building, and a large strand of my work examines how readers and listeners use their knowledge of the language to access and construct these representations predictively.


CLW Casey Lew-Williams, Princeton University, Department of Psychology 

Dr. Williams investigates how babies learn language. He is interested in several key ideas: that babies are capable of learning complex patterns, that toddlers can efficiently process what their parents say, that language experience shapes learning, and that some children learn more easily than others. He studies diverse populations — including children learning two languages, children growing up in poverty, and children with communication delays or disorders — to ask questions about the foundations and high-stakes consequences of early language learning. Studies usually involve listening to language, looking at pictures, and watching short videos, and we measure eye movements as a window into learning.